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DEAN FREELAND is the Camera Owner/Operator at 1 CUT PRODUCTIONS.

​​I worked in Nashville after receiving my Bachelor's Degree.  During this time I worked on Reality TV, Commercials, Music Videos, and Feature Films.

Now, I am located in Jacksonville, FL. Here I have continued freelance work in video production with reputable companies such as: 


NFL Films 







PGA Tour


Golf Channel


Fox Sports


Working on all productions large and small, 1 Cut Productions guarantees customer satisfaction. No matter if it's a promotional video for your business, live-event, commercial, music video, documentary, or real estate video, 1 Cut Productions will deliver professional quality video. 

1 Cut Productions offers 4.5K resolution using RED cinema cameras. 


FAA certified Aerial Video is now also provided by 1 Cut Productions offering 4k resolution to it's clients and customers. 1 Cut Productions can offer two types of aerial packages. Single operator or dual operator for those optimal precision shots! 1 Cut Productions fly using DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 with X5 camera. 

Gimbal shots are on demand and 1 Cut Productions can deliver high-quality stabilized shots! 1 Cut Productions uses tools like DJI Ronin and Easy Rig to stabilize your shot with professional quality.

Also, 1 Cut Productions offers a Steadicam package for your productions. This package can hold up to 60lbs payload and is ready to work!

1 Cut Productions is ready to help with your video needs. 

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